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The Oral Hygiene Routine Everyone Should Follow

| October 20, 2021
The Oral Hygiene Routine Everyone Should Follow

It isn’t exactly easy to identify the best and healthiest oral care routines when there is so much conflicting information and new trends popping up daily on social media. Some say it’s best to brush after breakfast, others say it is best to brush before breakfast. There are people who swear by using natural products like baking soda or strawberries to clean or whiten their teeth. Then there’s activated charcoal toothpaste that’ll blacken your teeth before they supposedly brighten them…

So what is the best oral hygiene routine you should be following? Here are some easy yet effective tips from the experts at Sydenham Dental Group to help guide you on a good path to healthy and strong teeth.

What You Should Do Every Day

We all know that you should brush your teeth twice a day but did you know that brushing more frequently than that can actually damage your teeth? Exposure to too much fluoride can affect tooth enamel, leaving your teeth vulnerable to germs. Here is a quick breakdown of a good oral routine to follow every day.

Brush mornings – It is best to brush after breakfast so you can protect your teeth from plaque and food stains. It is also good not to rinse your mouth entirely from toothpaste but to spit excess toothpaste out before you head down for breakfast. Rinsing your mouth with water is a good way to clean your mouth after eating.

Floss once a day – A good habit for healthy gums and fresher breath is to floss every day. This clears your mouth from foods and protects your teeth from acids in foods.

Brush every night – You should always brush your teeth in the evenings. Plaque that accumulates over the day will cause damage to your teeth if left for too long. Try to avoid snacking after brushing your teeth too!

What You Should Do Every Week

A good way to kill bacteria in your mouth is by gargling salt water at least once a week. The salt water will kill germs, promote healthy tonsils and will also help clear your tongue from papillae, bacteria, and debris.

What You Should Do the Moment You Notice A Change

If you notice any pain or swelling then you should make an appointment to see a reliable dentist immediately. It is much better to get small problems treated sooner rather than later. Waiting until the pain becomes unbearable is not a pleasant experience.

What You Should Do About Unhealthy Habits

Smoking can impact on the health of your teeth and gums.. In addition, to the general physical health concerns, they will weaken the enamel of your teeth, stain your teeth and cause gum recession.

It would be best to break of these bad habits but if the time just isn’t right then you should at the very least try to limit the frequency, see your dentist regularly and have a full glass of water after every cigarette.

What You Should Do Every Six Months

It is important to book your dental every six months with an experienced dental group that offer a comprehensive service range. At Sydenham Dental Group, our dentists will check your teeth for cavities or prospective damage, clean your teeth professionally and can fix minor issues before they turn into huge problems. Our team include dental specialists in oral health therapy and conditions like sleep apnoea.

Contact our friendly team today to book your next dental checkup, or to get more information about oral health care.

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