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Seeking A Family Dentist In Taylors Lakes or Melbourne’s North-West?

At Sydenham Dental Group, our aim is to provide quality and professional dental care in an environment where our patients feel comfortable. We provide the most up-to-date technologically advanced dentistry and offer a wide range of dental services suit the needs of our patients.

Whether you need a dentist for a cosmetic procedure or an orthodontist to help correct your children’s crooked teeth with braces, our team of dental professionals have the experience to help you achieve a healthier, brighter smile.

Our Location :

Conveniently located in Melbourne’s north-west suburbs, our dental clinic is a less than a five-minute drive from Taylors Lakes. For urgent and emergency situations we strive to accommodate our patients on the day of the phone call. Our comprehensive service range includes orthodontics and early children’s jaw growth and development care, dental implants, teeth whitening and jaw joint dysfunction, head and facial pain treatment.

Early Children’s Jaw Growth & Development | Orthodontics In Taylors Lakes :

Orthodontics is the practice of a specialised form of dentistry. Commonly associated with braces and Invisalign, it is used to correct dental misalignment and facial irregularities.

If a child’s teeth are not developing correctly, this can also affect facial growth. Health problems such as allergies, asthma, poor posture and nutrition all have an effect on facial and dental development. Incorrect habits such as mouth breathing, thumb sucking, incorrect swallowing and poor posture are contributing factors to orthodontic problems.

At Sydenham Dental Group, we can evaluate and treat these kinds of problems while the child is still growing, before the traditional age when children have braces. Orthodontic treatment with extraction of permanent teeth, as well as jaw surgery can be avoided by early intervention.

Orthodontics For All Ages :

Orthodontic care is not restricted to children only. We see plenty of adults for orthodontic treatments, including for braces – It is much more common than many seem to think! Regardless of your age, an orthodontics can help you if you are experiencing any of the following problems.

  • Issues with your bite i.e underbite or overbite
  • Spaces or gaps in your teeth
  • Teeth Crowding
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Problems related to your jaw
  • Aesthetic Smile Concerns

If you are experiencing any other issues related to the alignment or placement of your teeth, book an appointment to see one of our experienced orthodontists at Sydenham Dental Group today.

Replace Missing Teeth | Dental Implants In Taylors Lakes :

If you are seeking an alternative to dentures to replace missing teeth and restore your smile, then getting dental implants is worth your consideration. Especially if you are seeking an alternative to dentures.

At Sydenham Dental Clinic, our dentists are experienced with dental implant procedures. Before we carry out the treatment, we will perform a careful examination to confirm whether or not this is a suitable option for you. Suitability for dental implants depends on a number of factors, like having enough bone to hold the implant, good oral hygiene and meeting some general medical requirements.

Dental implantation can vary from single tooth replacement to a complete upper and lower arch replacement. To discuss this procedure, or the necessary requirements, in further detail, contact our team.

Revive Your Smile | Teeth Whitening In Taylors Lakes :

Teeth whitening is the only effective way to treat stains or tooth discolouration. Yes, it’s important to maintain a regular oral care routine for the sake of your health and preventing future damage but it cannot, unfortunately, reverse damage from the past.

At Sydenham Dental Group, our home teeth whitening system uses a mild whitening gel in a custom made mouth tray that is worn over your teeth. As you are under supervision by a qualified dental professional, this technique is safest for your teeth and gums and results are usually achieved within several days.

The treatment is very suitable for long-term results and particularly cost-effective because once you have a custom mouth tray, you only need to buy touch up gel to keep your teeth their whitest every year or so, depending on your level of staining. For more information about teeth whitening and how we can help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile, contact Sydenham Dental Group.

Learn More Information | Contact Us :

Sydenham Dental Clinic is based in Melbourne’s west. We see clients from all surrounding areas west and north-west like Taylors Lakes, Hillside and Caroline Springs. To book an appointment with one our dentists for general dentistry, orthodontics, implant dentistry or to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your dental health, contact us today.

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