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Smile Makeover

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Smile Makeover

<h5Design your beautiful new smile with our cosmetic consultations and digital dental design appointments.

What is a smile makeover and digital dental design?

Enhancing your smile is an exciting process, however the vast number of cosmetic dentistry options can be overwhelming. Our consultations are designed specifically for patients who want to improve the appearance of their smile, but don’t quite know where to start.

Stage 1:

We liaise closely with you to assess what is required and what can be achieved. An initial visit to the laboratory by the patient to discuss and assess considerations may be recommended, for further treatment planning. Using the latest techniques in digital CAD-CAM (computer aided design-computer aided manufacture) dentistry and 3D printing technology, we work with you to create your ideal smile. You are able to test-drive the results BEFORE undergoing any treatment! Your smile is unique to you and incorporates so much more than just your teeth. When designing your improved smile we obviously look at your teeth, but do so in conjunction with your lips, mouth movement and overall facial shape.

Stage 2:

Test drive your new smile before any treatment is done
Visual simulation is then produced discussed with your further, treatment planned and quoted.

Stage 3:

Our appointment with the appropriate cosmetic dentist or specialist will discuss with you treatment options that may include veneers, crowns, Invisalign, teeth whitening and dental implants, who will put together a customised treatment plan and itemised breakdown of costs including available payment plans. The overall cost will vary depending on the complexity of your individual treatment plan.

Once you and your practitioner have confirmed a treatment plan your new smile journey will be commenced.

Benefits of Smile Design Digital Planning:

Latest digital technologies for exacting aesthetic results
Ability for more involvement by the patient to enhance their experience and freedom of choice
Better communication of the patient’s expectations through visualising before the final outcomes
Greater insight of the completed restoration at planning stages
More choice and flexibility of treatments
Bespoke service for those with specific requirements
Confidence and certainty in the complete planning and treatment process

Digital Smile Design

Smile makeover whitening

Smile makeover with veneers

Smilemakeover with Invisalign and whitening

Our aim is to provide quality and professional dental care in an environment where you feel comfortable.

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