At Sydenham Dental Group we are able to provide up to date imaging reports using the latest technology.
Blending innovation with patient comfort. The I-cat Cone beam 3-D imaging system produces immediate three dimensional images of patient critical anatomy, typical in less than ten seconds.
This 3-D imaging gives the dentists the opportunity to more thoroughly analyze bone structure, tooth orientation, and joint space and detect and evaluate deformities and pathologies. The benefits are extraordinary.
Dental professionals are able to improve diagnosis, accuracy, and treatment results. Their patients are able to see a visual diagnosis, understand their treatment options and receive superior treatment as a result of the anatomically-true information provided by the i-cat scan.
Patient's benefit from the integration of I-cat into their treatment because our ability to execute complex multidisciplinary treatment hinges on our ability to plan. There is no single better tool available to obtain diagnostic information than the I-cat and we are pleased to be offering nothing less to our patients.